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We have found that what really matters is how accessible we are able to serve our clients. Our clients primarily come from a professional background and each one of their stories is unique. We draw from deep industry experience, commitment to the highest ethics, and an extensive network of professional resources to help you.  

Some of our services include:  

Lowering expected loss in down markets

The keys to long-term outperformance are not about trying to beat the market on the upside but rather, losing less during the bad times.

Personal Risk Number

By identifying your unique Risk Number, we eliminate the industry standard of labeling your risk by conservative, moderate, or aggressive. By establishing your personal RN, we can personalize any investment portfolio that you own.

Work-Optional Number

Instead of answering an endless number of questions about retirement account balances, budgets, cash flow analysis, rates of return. We make it easy, quick, and into a single number that we can measure, monitor, and easy for clients to understand.

Savings Target

Saving for college, a new home, or creating a legacy; clients can quickly determine if they have achieved their goal or how they are progressing towards achieving their goal.

Life Insurance, including Long-Term Care

These are important tools for solving specific problems, we will always review all available options in solving a client problem

Professional Benefits Planning 

Corporate benefits are more complex today. We understand these types of company perks and more importantly how you can maximize the benefits and incorporate them into your wealth management plan.

We are confident that you have many questions. Most common, we find that client's biggest fear is outliving their savings. We can help you ease this burden and provide solutions to many more important questions. 

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5118 81st Ave Ct NW,

Gig Harbor, WA 98335


Toll-Free: (855) 655-9800

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