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Work-Optional Income

“Will I outlive my savings?”

Regardless of what goal(s) you are trying to achieve, we have invested nearly 30 years in developing a process for clients to clearly communicate their goal(s), prioritize, implement, monitor, and achieve & maintain their success. Transforming their anxiety to achieve a work optional life into anticipation.

Work-Optional Number – instead of answering an endless number of questions about investment account balances, budgets, cash flow analysis, rates of return. We make it quick & easy.

   1. We simplify all the parts of your unique goal into one number

   2. It’s easy to understand:

  • if your Work-Optional Number is > 90, you have arrived at your destination.

  • If your Work-Optional Number is < 95, we will provide you with a guided path to achieve a Work-Optional Number > 95.

Our work doesn’t stop at this point, your Work-Optional Number must be monitored and realigned to maintain your goal. We will provide you the guidance to help ensure that you will sleep well at night.

Unique Transparent Benefits: With your Work-Optional Number, you can now easily track your goal(s).

  • Your Work-Optional Number is easy to remember

  • We monitor your Work-Optional Number progress quarterly to help ensure you that you remain on track or contact you when to make an adjustment along the way to put you back on track.

  • Turning anxiety into anticipation allow clients to focus on more important activities: Family, Occupation, Recreation

Start the process to discover your Work-Optional Number today and 'Replace Your Anxiety with Anticipation'!

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