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Risk Number

It's Simply Using Technology To Align Your Portfolio Based Upon Your Goals And Expectations

Riskalyze is a cutting-edge technology that identifies your acceptable level of risk and rewards you with unparalleled accuracy. ePERSONAL FINANCIAL is proud to use Riskalyze to help our clients create their unique Risk Number and allow us to customize a portfolio that perfectly aligns with your risk tolerance.

With this unique software, we can:

  • Create a personalized Risk Number (RN)

  • Convert most portfolios to perfectly matched to your RN

  • Show your expected range of return over the next six months with 95% accuracy*

Some questions we often hear from our clients that can be answered by working with ePersonal Financial and the Riskalyze system include:

  1. What is my RN? – a compilation of your answers from a simple list of investment management questions, that is transformed into a number that is unique to your level of risk and your goals

  2. How does my risk tolerance impact my investments? a high RN will create large swings in expected investment return, a low RN will create a smaller variation in expected investment returns

  3. What would my portfolio look like if it were aligned with my RN? – your Risk Number is unique to you, we have the technology that will translate your Risk Number into a perfectly matched investment portfolio

  4. What does mine look like? - create your own RN now

Together, we can take the guesswork out of your financial future.

*“Is The 95% Probability Range Accurate?”, NOV 22, 2016, Michael McDaniel, Co-Founder and Chief Investment Office,

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