Common Questions

We understand that working with a financial advisor, especially for the first time (or finding a replacement for your current advisor), can be frightening, intimidating, and a hassle. We have listed common questions about our firm.  

How do you add value to the investment process?  

We set portfolio return expectations by taking your Risk Number and combining it with your individual goals. Rather than targeting an average return based upon an index that has nothing to do with you or goals. This allows clients to be more focused on what is important in their life which increases confidence. We also use portfolio stress testing to assess the potential impact of macro-economic scenarios (like events similar to the financial crisis, the tech bubble, or run away inflation) on your portfolio. This testing is always done before you invest your money. By understanding your unique concerns we can better manage your expectations on how the market will affect the value of your investments. These are just a few examples of how we add value and personalize each of our clients' portfolios.

Are you a robo-advisor?  

No, we are a real firm utilizing real technology. We blend technology and a human touch to make portfolio management efficient, macro risk-managed, and transparent. This edge provides our clients with a service model that is simplified, accessible, and helps you feel confident in your future.    

What are your fees?   

We are a fee-based fiduciary practice and have chosen an advisory fee structure that is based on a percentage of assets managed per household. Portfolio management, trade costs, and custody are not included in the advisory fee.  Since we are a fiduciary, we work tirelessly to provide transparency in all of our service options.  We can also provide guidance with non-traditional investment assets such as real estate, liabilities, and business assets. We also provide solutions using life insurance, long term care, and an annuity to solve a unique client problem. We are paid directly from the insurance carrier and fully disclose to the client our compensation for each case placed. We bill monthly in advance for investment management. Financial planning advice and 401(k) allocations are provided at no additional charge. 

Who holds my money? How quickly can I get access to cash if I need it?   

Fidelity Institutional Wealth Services, a Fidelity Investments Company, holds your money. We selected Fidelity because of their strength and willingness to use technology in ways that help our clients. Fidelity is one of the largest Independent US custodians, with over two trillion dollars in global client assets. ePersonal Financial never directly takes custody of client assets, and only you have access to your money.  

We only purchase liquid securities, meaning cash can be available to you within a normal 1 to 3-business day settlement period.    

Where can I see my investments?  

All of your assets and liabilities can be viewed on your eDashboard. Additionally, you can see all your accounts, all in one place, through Fidelity’s online platform via the web, tablet, or phone. Both Fidelity and ePersonal Financial provide periodic electronic statements.

Is my information safe?

Yes, your information is extremely safe. We use multiple advanced security features to protect your data at all times. Your eDashboard is a non-transactional system. All account passwords aren't accessible by anyone except you. We will never share your information with any third parties. Using the latest encryption software and third-party security auditors, or professional hackers, who continually check our security software for vulnerabilities. To date, these professionals have never succeeded in hacking it. 

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