Your Partner for Financial Independence

We have founded a boutique wealth management business solely focused on helping a small group of families (>$3 million net worth or >$500k/annual income) seeking to use their wealth to maximize what matters most in their life.


Does your current advisor utilize the following strategies?


1. Design & implementation of a zero tax retirement income plan?

2. Create a personal 401(k) account for married couples (hint: can be created with any existing company plan for residents of WA)?

3. Design an investment strategy that eliminates market loss and allows full upside participation when the stock market goes up?

4. Provide ready access to each client when clients have an immediate question? (i.e. including evenings or weekends)?

5. Draw on industry experts to provide guidance on complicated tax, estate planning, nuptial, or property agreements?


If you have access to this client experience with your existing advisor, congratulations you don’t need my services! 

If not, schedule a 15-minute no-obligation call and share your thoughts on what matters most to you.


Personal Risk Number

By identifying your unique Risk Number, we eliminate the industry standard of labeling your risk by conservative, moderate, or aggressive. By establishing your personal RN, we can personalize any investment portfolio that you own.

Work-Optional Number 

Instead of answering an endless number of questions about retirement account balances, budgets, cash flow analysis, rates of return. We make it easy, quick, and into a single number that we can measure, monitor, and easy for clients to understand.

Savings Target

Saving for college, a new home, or creating a legacy; clients can quickly determine if they have achieved their goal or how they are progressing towards achieving their goal.


Our Address

5118 81st Ave Ct NW,

Gig Harbor, WA 98335

Our Phone No.

Toll-Free: (855) 655-9800

Fax: (888) 891-3029