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A financial advisory business solely focused on helping busy professionals (>$1 million in investments or >$300k/annual income) seeking to use their wealth, as a means to accomplish what matters most throughout the stages of your life.


Does your current advisor help you with the following?


  1. Engage and empower your financial literacy?

  2. Replace money anxiety with anticipation on enjoying the fruits of your labor?

  3. Pay less taxes and pay yourself more in retirement?

  4. Protect your investments from stock market crashes?

  5. Provide immediate access when you have a question? (i.e. including evenings or weekends)?

  6. 5. Collaborate with your other trusted advisors (i.e. attorney, CPA, Trust Officer)


If you have access to this client experience with your existing advisor, congratulations you don’t need my services! 

If not, schedule a 30-minute no-obligation, no-hassle call and share your thoughts on what matters most to you.

About Us
What We Offer

Personal Risk Number

By identifying your unique Risk Number, we eliminate the industry standard of labeling your risk by conservative, moderate, or aggressive. By establishing your personal Risk Number, we can personalize any investment portfolio that you own.

Work-Optional Number 

Instead of answering an endless number of questions about retirement account balances, budgets, cash flow analysis, rates of return. Why not make it easy, quick, and into a single number that is easy to measure, monitor, and easy for you to understand.

Savings Target

Saving for college, a new home, or creating a legacy; you can quickly determine if you have achieved your goals or how you are progressing towards achieving your goal.

Contact Us


355 Pugsley Pl NW

East Wenatchee, WA  98802


Toll-Free: (855) 655-9800

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