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reaching YOUR savings goal

Saving for a Specific Goal - #3 top request by clients “How long will it take for me to save for a ___________ (i.e. house, car, college, you name it…)?”.

Regardless of what goal(s) you are trying to achieve, we have invested nearly 30 years into helping clients simply define their goal(s), help them monitor, achieve and maintain their success. Learn more about how we have simplified the process but not the sophistication to achieve your goal.

Savings Quotient (SQ) – instead of answering endless number of questions about retirement account balances, budgets, cash flow analysis, rates of return. We make it quick & easy.

   1.We simplify all the parts of your unique goal into one number

   2.It’s easy to understand:

  • if your SQ is > 95, then you have arrived at your destination.
  • If your SQ is < 95, then we provide you with a guided path to an achieve an SQ > 95.

UNIQUE TRANSPARENT BENEFITS: With your SQ, you can NOW easily track your goal(s).

  • Your SQ is easy to remember
  • We monitor your SQ progress quarterly to help ensure you that you remain on track or contact you when to make an adjustment along the way to put you back on track.
  • Allowing you to enjoy and devote more of your time to other important activities: family, friends, work or hobbies.

Find your SQ today and simplify YOUR financial life!