YOUR financial drawer


Each client has their own secure eDASHBOARD, you will log into on your personal homepage, the portal to your financial world. You will see up to date information on accounts, net worth, investments, spending, insurance and more.

Your categories:


  • Here, you enter essential details and connect your financial accounts. After entering these details, all other   features come to life. You can also personalize your organizer with images to visualize your wealth and goals.


  • If you want to know if you are on target to reach your financial goals, such saving for retirement or funding education, open your Workshop tab. In a few clicks you will see where you are, where you want to be, and steps to      take to get there.


  • On this tab, you can monitor cash flow and create budgets to stay on track.


  • Here, you can see all your investments, including asset allocation and current values of your holdings. You can also view asset types for a detailed breakdown.


  • The eVAULT is an online drawer that holds all your important legal documents like wills, birth certificates and tax returns. You will always know where these documents are and can easily access them on any device.

To learn more about your eDASHBOARD, click here.