What MATTERS most

The world of online advice, self-service brokerage accounts and chaotic markets has only created more stress and more confusion in our lives, right? It's so difficult to find the time and the 'right' advisor that truly has YOUR best interests in mind.

What if, you could work with an experienced fiduciary advisor that takes what MATTERS most to you and helps you regain CONTROL of your financial life? At ePERSONAL FINANCIAL, that is exactly what we do.

We have developed and refined a disciplined process that FITs all these critical pieces together to deliver solutions that are aligned with you. I call it the 'e' FORMula.

What MATTERS most in my clients life is the following: 

  • Family – spending time with those they love most
  • Occupation – pursuing their passion to make a difference
  • Recreation – enjoying the activities (hobbies) that bring them the most pleasure and satisfaction
  • Money – It’s just a tool. That’s why it’s always the last priority. Yes, being a good steward of your money is important. However, clients understand the value of delegation to an experienced fiduciary, so that they may balance their time between family, occupation and recreation.

We all have very little CONTROL in our lives, right? However, if we start with a proven process, it begins to provide us with a little more comfort, right? At ePERSONAL FINANCIAL it starts with the 3-P's:

  • Philosophy – do we share a common viewpoint that has helped provide you clarity of what’s important?
  • Planning – create an investment plan that not only meets your needs but hopefully will exceed your goals
  • Process – utilize a disciplined process that puts all the pieces together that drives what MATTERS most in your life 

By infusing the e’ FORMula into my process, the focus is always aimed at what MATTERS most to my clients and providing more CONTROL in their financial lives. Or as I have witnessed over the past 20 years. 'Replacing Anxiety with Anticipation'!